STAHR Derby: a not so gentle woman’s game

This past week, we had the pleasure of speaking to the Arch Angels of the St. Albert Heavenly Rollers derby league. It was a wonderful interview, and the women we spoke to were surprisingly mild-mannered, as opposed to how threatening one would assume they’d be, considering the sport they play.


Those mild-mannered women, Celeste Thiesen and Leanne Johnson, assume alter egos when they step onto the track. Thiesen becomes Petra Phi, and Johnson assumes the name Cherry-oto-Fire.

These alter egos, which seem similar to superheroes, allow the players to separate their work lives from their roller derby.

Other clever nicknames include Amy Farrah Foul’er, Typsy Gypsy, and Bounty Hunt-Her.

Everything about the sport is loved by those playing and watching, except maybe the idea of a “bangover,” which is a term used in roller derby. To figure out what that is, give this week’s show a listen, would ya?



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